Professional Pressure Washing Vs. DIY Pressure Washing in Beaufort, SC

Pressure Washing Hardeeville SC

Is it wise to try DIY pressure washing in Beaufort, SC? According to the CDC, power washing can be dangerous thanks to the high speeds at which the water sprays out. The CDC warns of lacerations, bruises, internal injuries, and even broken bones.

However, we understand the allure of pressure washers. As gadgets go, they seem to hold much promise. Therefore, the Blast Off Pressure Washing team will discuss whether you should perform this DIY task or hire pressure washing services.

DIY Pressure Washing in Beaufort


There are one or two reasons why DIY power washing is an attractive option:

  • If you need to clean a small area, this can prove helpful.


Now let’s discuss the reasons we recommend using professional services instead:

  • DIY power washing has, however, inherent risks, especially without the proper safety equipment. Professional machines can have significant recoil, and the blowback can push you off a ladder. If this happens while you’re cleaning the roof, you could end up in the hospital.
  • Speaking of the roof, as professionals, we never use pressure washers on this delicate structure. Instead, we soft wash the shingles or tiles to avoid stripping off the waterproofing or causing structural damage. So, even if you brace yourself and don’t fall off the ladder, you can face expensive repairs later. 
  • The pressure sends water into the smallest cracks and openings. It can make these worse. However, more concerning is that it will spray water into outlets, potentially causing electrical issues.
  • Pressure washers send water out at about 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. If you, a child, or a pet accidentally stand in front of the spray, you might experience a significant injury.
  • Finally, our team makes it look easy. However, getting the hang of using these machines properly takes some practice. Many homeowners take days to do what takes us a couple of hours.

Professional Power Washing


Why are we in favor of you hiring professionals? Our reasons include:

  • Hiring professionals means not having to carve more time out of your busy schedule to deal with a messy task. 
  • Our team uses a combination of high-grade environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and the best equipment to coax away dirt. 
  • Instead of using brute force that may damage the underlying surface, we use our experience to select the best possible technique. 
  • We bring our own equipment and supplies and are fully insured. 


Hiring us costs more than renting a machine for the day, so it’s tempting to look for the lowest price. However, this opens you up to exploitation by fly-by-night contractors with little experience.

Contact Blast Off Pressure Washing at 843-384-9402 today for your free estimate on pressure washing in Beaufort, SC. Once you see how reasonable our prices are, we’re sure you will find another DIY project better suited to your time and effort.

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