How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home in Beaufort, SC

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Are there benefits to regular pressure washing in Beaufort, SC? Absolutely. Pressure washing greatly benefits the surfaces throughout the property, promoting a cleaner, safer environment and boosting your home’s curb appeal.

How often do you need to schedule exterior cleaning to maximize your return on investment in South Carolina? The professionals at Blast Off Pressure Washing go through the details below.

Regular Annual Cleanings

Every home should receive pressure washing at least once a year. Annual pressure washing services will typically be enough to remove unsightly dirt and stains from your roof, walls, driveway, and other surfaces. However, some properties may require more frequent concrete cleaning and exterior washing for optimal results.

For example, you may opt for two sessions a year if your location experiences heavy storms, such as hurricanes or severe rainstorms. Where there is higher humidity or you notice grime, dirt, and mildew around your house, scheduling the next pressure wash is a great idea. If you aren’t sure, feel free to chat with an experienced team like Blast Off Pressure Washing for more information.

Before Putting The House Up For Sale

If your property is listed, a cleaner appearance can significantly influence potential buyers. Dirt and grime coating the house walls, surfaces, or roof are not only unattractive but hint at a lack of maintenance in other parts of the property. No buyer wants to commit to a purchase only to find hidden issues that are going to cost them a lot of money.

Pressure washing brings back your siding’s vibrancy and shows that you care about how people see your home. It can also reveal any need for minor repairs before they become bigger and more expensive to fix. Buyers will notice the improvements, and all it takes is some professional pressure washing in Beaufort, SC.

When Preparing For Renovations

Cleaning beforehand enhances the results of your renovation project. For example, consider the following:

  • Pressure washing walls makes them smoother for repainting and helps the paint adhere better
  • Pressure washing siding, windows, and doors make it easier to fix, paint, or realign them

Post Construction

After a construction project, sawdust, dirt, and debris start to settle into the hard-to-reach places of your property. Pressure washing also addresses what’s on the surfaces so that you don’t have health risks due to all the extra airborne dirt and debris. Be sure to schedule a cleaning if the surrounding properties are under construction as well.

Other Aspects To Consider

Are your family members experiencing a sudden rise in allergies? Pressure cleaning the exterior could reduce the pollen, dirt, and other contaminants that affect your indoor air quality. Mold and mildew also grow quickly in Beaufort’s warm, humid climate, which often requires more washings than the yearly standard.

There are no rules—if your home needs cleaning, reach out to our team. You can ensure your Beaufort property looks its best after a renovation, before a market listing, or any other time of year.

Call Blast Off Pressure Washing at (843) 384-9402 today to schedule our professional pressure washing in Beaufort, SC!

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