Common Misunderstanding About Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in Beaufort, SC increases your home’s natural light and curb appeal. Nothing brings your home to life like professional window cleaning services. Reach out to your local window cleaning experts to prepare your home for the holiday season or for spring cleaning.

Despite the many benefits of professional window cleaning services, misconceptions remain about professional window cleaning. These misunderstandings couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Misconceptions of Professional Window Washing

Professional window cleaners undergo extensive training to leave windows sparkling clean. These experts offer affordable prices and same-day service to help homeowners protect their windows from harmful bacteria, mold, and pollen. But don’t rainy days effectively clean windows?

Even the heaviest downpours fail to remove bird droppings, pollen, and dirt from windows. Conversely, professional window cleaners use special equipment and techniques to remove debris from windows.

Let’s demystify these other misunderstandings about window cleaning:

  1. Pressure Washing Is Unsafe for Windows

Many believe pressure washing windows damages glass and screens. Window cleaning experts use special wide-spray nozzles and low-pressure water to remove grime from windows effectively. Pressure washing is entirely safe for window cleaning as long as the pressure washer operator has years of experience and training.

  1. Newspaper Cleans Windows

Newspaper does not properly clean windows. The petroleum ink of newspapers may leave behind smudges and stains on the glass. Using newspaper to clean windows often results in dirtier windows, glass damage, and black streaks.

Homeowners once used newspapers to clean windows because the tiny fibers found in newspapers wouldn’t scratch glass. Nowadays, professional window cleaners use state-of-the-art squeegees and pressure washers to eradicate dirt, debris, and grime from windows. Recycle your newspaper and leave your window cleaning project to the trained professionals.

  1. It’s OK to Do Window Cleaning on Hot Days

Window cleaning in Beaufort, SC on hot days proves incredibly difficult. Scorching sun rays evaporate moisture, causing windows cleaned on sweltering days to develop smudges and streaks. Instead of hiring window cleaners in the peak of summer, schedule window cleanings in early fall or late spring.

  1. I Can Do My Own Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows yourself may reduce your windows’ lifespan. For example, if you fail to dislodge wood-boring insect nests from your window frame, you may face a severe pest invasion. Professional window cleaners conduct a full inspection of your windows before beginning their cleaning services.

Window cleaning professionals remove the following window stains with ease:

  • Bird droppings
  • Mold growth
  • Hard water stains
  • Moss growth
  • Pest nests
  • Pollen

Window cleaning in Beaufort, SC is an effective and affordable solution for busy homeowners. Before tackling window cleaning projects yourself, consider hiring a highly trained window company for the best results.

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