Can You Pressure Wash A Roof?

Pressure Washing Beaufort SC

Moss, mold, and other organic growth make roof cleaning in Beaufort, SC, one of the most important annual maintenance tasks. Rinsing away dirt and grime protects your roof from premature aging and instantly improves curb appeal.

However, roof cleaning is tedious, so it’s no wonder many property owners consider pressure cleaning as a way to save time. As your professional roofing cleaning specialists, we’re asking you to forget all about pressure washing this fragile area.

In this post, the Blast Off Pressure Washing team will explain why soft washing is the only safe roof cleaning technique.

Why You Should Put the Pressure Washer Away

Power washing is dangerous for you and your roof. The power of the spray can propel you off the roof or a ladder, leading to an emergency room trip. It’s not worth risking severe injury to save a few dollars.

Your roof stands an equal chance of structural damage due to the high pressure. Concentrating the spray for just a few seconds can strip away asphalt waterproofing, warp metal, crack tiles, or lacerate a roof membrane. Structural damage to the roof can mean replacing it, an extremely extensive endeavor.

Why We Always Use Soft Washing Techniques

Soft washing uses chemicals rather than brute force to remove organic growth and dirt. This form of roof cleaning in Beaufort, SC, is more effective than power washing because it kills the growths and loosens their roots. Where pressure cleaning simply blasts the spores all over the place, soft washing dampens them so they are easy to remove later.

The technique is also highly effective at dealing with dirt because it loosens the bonds between the roofing materials and the dirt.

How Does Soft Washing Work?

The procedure is simple. We:

  • Thoroughly dampen the roof with our solution of water and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. While these products won’t harm your plants, they will kill algae, fungi, and other organic growth. 
  • We leave the solution in place for a few minutes. This allows it to work its way into the small cracks and crevices where dirt and algae hide. 
  • The cleaning agent springs into action, loosening the bonds between the dirt, roots, and the roof. 
  • We then rinse it away using a gentle spray and reveal the clean roof underneath. 
  • If necessary, we turn up the pressure a little to remove stubborn debris. 

Will This Technique Work on All Roofs?

Soft washing will benefit most roofs. The exception is a metal roof where the metal may react to the cleaning agent. Chemicals in the cleanser might, for example, cause a chemical reaction in copper.

However, dealing with a professional team means finding the right solution for your roofing. Pros will tell you what will and won’t work from their experience.

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Can You Pressure Wash A Roof?

Moss, mold, and other organic growth make roof cleaning in Beaufort, SC, one of the most important annual maintenance tasks. Rinsing away dirt and grime

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