About Blast Off Pressure Washing Team

Blast Off Pressure Washing Team

Tyler Gaffka, Owner

I joined the Marine Corps fresh out of high school during which time I met my wife Leah and had my daughter, Mila. I spent the last few years of my time in the Marine Corps stationed on Parris Island.

Knowing my time in the Corps was coming to an end and Leah having become established here as an incredible real estate agent, together we decided we would stay in this beautiful place we call the Lowcountry and that I would enter the service industry to give the the great people who live here the best service they’ve ever experienced, the service they deserve and need.

During that time, I spent much of my free time studying business, the service industry, and the local market here in the Lowcountry.

After retiring from military service I started Blast Off Pressure Washing!

Knowing that a business cannot succeed without happy customers, and happy customers are created by a happy team, I have developed a culture of customer service that is both unique and unparalleled.

I have created an environment where striving to do the best job possible is both fun using our top of the line equipment and rewarding.

Our technicians are incentivized by profit share, bonuses for positive feedback and are eager to put a smile on your face!

Ryan Durnan, Lead Technician

Ryan Durnan was born in Plano, Texas and raised in multiple cities due to the fact his parents were in the Air Force. Ryan graduated high school at Biloxi Mississippi and immediately joined the Marine Corps. After honorably completing his military service and enjoying some R&R, Ryan went security contracting in Afghanistan. Once Afghanistan was closed and no longer an option he decided to help build Blast off into the company it is today and enjoys continuing to refine our operations, engage with customers and help shape the future of our company.

Jordan Doxtader, Technician

Jordan, 27, was born and raised in Michigan. He became a Marine after high school in 2012 and served 10 years in the Marine Corps before being medically retired due to being diagnosed with Leukemia Cancer while stationed on Parris Island. He served on two deployments both a MAGTF, where he unfortunately missed the birth of his now 5 year old daughter and a MEU. He now lives healthily in Georgia where he plans to remain for years to come with his soon to be wife Andy.

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